"Virgin of Guadalupe / Virgin Mary" HaloTech 3-D Lithophane Watch

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HaloTech Virgin of Guadalupe (Virgin Mary)

The dial appears in 3-D when the side-pusher is activated! The watch features a 3-D art dial + LED light + after-glo effect.

This watch must be seen to be believed. Guaranteed money back if you are not amazed by the effect. You will get constant questions about the watch and people will just say "WOW" when the light is activated and the dial morphs to 3D. Check out the videos to understand the amazing effect.

 - 42mm dia case / 316L Stainless Steel

 - HaloTech 3-D illuminated dial with LED light

 - Packaged in reusable gift tin

 - Brand new in new packaging with manufacturers warranty