The Astrolabe Watch

Custom Production. 480 pcs. 90 days delivery.

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The AstroLabe 24 Hour dual time Watch.

Inventory is SOLD OUT. Available for private label production. 480 pcs. manufacturing minimum. 

This is a unique and distinctive timepiece with appeal to any person with an interest in history, science or astronomy. The 4-hand+date movement features a 24-hour time function and date display for dual time-zone timekeeping.

An ancient instrument used to show the positions of the Sun and Stars, an Astrolabe is a map of the heavens and an ingenious computer used to solve astronomical questions. The Astrolabe is one of the oldest scientific instruments in the world - The principles behind the Astrolabe were discovered before the second century BC and in common use by the seventh century (the Astrolabe on the watch dial and bezel is a novelty and not usable for navigation).

Compare the features and concept to Ulysse Nardin Astrolabium Galileo Galilei watches costing up to $100,000!

-        44mm dia. case (not including crown or lugs) with rotating Astrolabe bezel. Matte Silver bezel with polished case.

-        Rubber strap, in blue,  with stainless steel buckle

-        3 ATM water resistant

-        4-hand movement. The 4th hand is independent and rotates once every 24-hours - a true second time zone.

-        Date display at 4-o-clock position

-        Packaged in beautiful gift tin

-        New, unopened with 1-year manufacturer warranty